Friday, January 8, 2010

2010: A New Beginning

As you all well know, Steve Butler will be leaving the Water Gap Woodturners and returning to Massachussetts to get back to studio work. While things are settling down at Peters Valley, we are greatful to still have the best facility of any AAW Chapter in the US. We want to thank Steve for his tireless enthusiasm in getting our group off the ground, but now we must continue his efforts to keep the group viable and strong.

Steve had contacted us about his departure, so a few of us got together and decided to make our January meeting more of a party than a turning demo. A few of us kicked around a few ideas and brought in the case, soda, coffee, chips and a party was born. Tony made a great plaque for Steve to show our thanks, and I had suggested that we all sign it for Steve to take away. Wil was in charge of the cake, and I think he did a fine job decorating it, even if I couldn't read it (wink, wink, Wil!)

We discussed the future of the club, and Steve Butler reiterated that Peters Valley wants to continue to host our club, as well as encourage the use of its fine facility. Since Steve is going to be stepping down, we began discussing what positions the club will nominate for the Board and it appears that we will have a President, Secretary, and Treasurer as formal titles with Program Director being an informal title. As an AAW Chapter, all Board members need to also be AAW members. we discussed (at length) the benefits of being an AAW member, and highly encourage joining the AAW if you want to advance you knowledge and skills as a woodturner. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO NOMINATE YOURSELF FOR ANY OF THE ROLES.

During the business meeting, Steve B. also mentioned that he had gotten us an Exhibition at the Peters Valley Store Gallery. I am working on the details, but all members are encouraged to create work to be displayed as part of the exhibition. A seperate e-mail will be going out to the club and we will likely have Brienne from the Gallery at our March meeting to talk to the group.

Of course, we had a Show and Tell, with a twist this time. Prior to the meeting I had sent out a note to the membership that encouraged folks to present Steve Butler with something they made. Most everyone that brought items for the show and tell left empty handed. steve Butler did not, and I believe that he is still looking for boxes to pack everything out. I know he had an ornament, a mallet, a hollow vessel, a natural edge bowl, and probably a few more that I didn't even see in his possession at the end of the day.
By far our best attended meeting in a long time. We shouldn't have to lose a member to get this kind of turn out. I'd like to see everyone again in February, and please do remember to bring something to the Show and Tell! I'll be announcing the session topic later this month, but expect to make some shavings...
The Other Steve