Thursday, June 18, 2009

Better Late than Never

Sorry for the delay in posting, but with the May meeting being canceled and June already 2 weeks back, I guess it's kind of important to get back in the habit.

The June meeting was attended at the Peters Valley woodshop by about a dozen WGW members (before monsoon season...but I digress). There was an announcement that PV scholarships are still available to anyone wanting to take advantage of the discount, and lots of great sessions are still available. Show and Tell was brief, and unfortunately, I forgot my camera. About half of the members in attendance brought something for the S&T, which means we just need to get the other half going now...

The topic for the day was a methods of work talk by Harvey Fein. Harvey is well known in the woodturning world for his router wizardry and machine work. Harevy brought some of his gadgets that he designed and showed us all how they interact with the lathe and create a variety of patterns in the platters he is known for.

Harvey's work is exceptionally detailed, and he shared his methods openly. I would dare say that he is one of a kind, and it would be difficult if not impossible to produce the work he does, even if he was to lend you his shop and tell you how! Harvey is a one-off original... and the Water Gap Woodturners appreciate his participation in our program.

Next meeting is July 1 if I read my calendar right. There will be a reminder for folks to BRING SOMETHING TO THE SHOW AND TELL! The group only gets stronger if we all particpate. Our guest lecturer will be Peter Galbert, who is a chairmaker and a spindle turner by default. Peter presented his new caliper last year, and I am told he will be offering to club members for purchase at the meeting again in July.

See you in July.

(Apologies for the substandard photography, but it was 1MP cell phone or nothing...)