Thursday, March 11, 2010

Elections, gallery talk- in the end, we had a ball...

In case you missed the meeting, here is a quick recap of events:

We had 11 members in attendance, and every one of them paid their 2010 dues and said they were AAW members! Got to love it when a plan comes into action.

We started the night with the business of electing the executive committee. Here are the results from the elections:

Dan was voted President (in absentia, not feeling well)
Richard suggested that we needed a VP, so I nominated him and he was given the job.
Steve will continue as Secretary and Director of Programs (since the blog is in my name...)
Jim was elected treasurer, and was last seen flying down Thunder Mountain Road with a Craft Supplies catalog in his hands and a big smile on his face (Just kidding!)

Thank you all for stepping up to the responsibilities.

Brienne Rosner from the Peters Valley Gallery Store also joined us to explain the show that we will ALL (right, Matt?) be putting work into as a club. We had a very open discussion about what kind, why and so forth. In the end, we decided that it was best for EVERYONE to contribute several pieces that they were proud of to be exhibited as Brienne saw fit. I personally want to thank her for spending the night with us to get to know the group better, and I am sure she will do her best to represent us as artists and artisans. In return, I know that we will also do our best to represent the spirit of the Peters Valley community in return.

Here is the schedule that we'd like to adhere to:

March 19th - submit images for online/print advertsing material (Steve)
April 7th - Drop off work at the STORE before coming up to the meeting. (ALL WGW members)
April 17th - Show opens, members are encouraged to come to the opening from 4-7PM
May 2 - Peters Valley Open House- it would be nice to have someone in the studio and the gallery to meet and greet... (more to come)
May 23rd - pick up any unsold work at the Gallery

In our discussion, it seems that we can potentially all contribute up to four items, with Brienne picking at least one from each member to represent the entireity of WGW. If you missed the meeting, you are still welcome to bring work to the gallery for the show. Open topic.

After a very nice show and tell (70% participation!), we had a short turning demo on how to make a sphere on the lathe. While it was far from the best sphere I have ever turned, it should give everyone the required steps they need to try it themselves.

Our next meeting will be on April 7th. Everyone will bring their work to the gallery prior to the ride up Thunder Mountain Road for Brienne's convenience. I'd like to make this meetings topic a mentoring session for the new turners, so I'm going to suggest that we break into small groups after the S&T, and work 1 on 1 with some of the more experience members of the group.

Now get out to the shop and get that piece finished before April 7.

Safe spinning.

P.S. I need someone to volunteer to be the photographer for the club. E-mail me and consider yourself elected.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reminder: Tonight's meeting moved to next Wednesday

Just a quick note to remind folks that we've moved out the meeting date by a week to let some of the snow melt and give Peters Valley a chance to get Thunder Mountain Road cleared up to the shop. Unless you own a snow cat, you can't get to the shop.

See you 3/10 @7PM.