Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An apology to Joe Eid

I'd like to begin this entry with an apology to Joe Eid.  He had volunteered to lead a "hands on finishing" workshop for the September meeting, and I had no idea that we'd run so late with the usual stuff.  In the October meeting, we will limit the new business discussion to the following two topics so that Joe has all of the time he needs for the workshop:

1.)  Dick Plog's Cherry challenge (in place of the normal show and tell).  Please remember to bring your item that you made and we will limit all Show and Tell to be completed by 7:45PM, so try to get to the meeting by 7PM promptly.

2.)  Peters Valley Craft Fair recap and any other PV related requests.  As we know, the use of the studio is greatly appreciated and it would be great if we could contribute our time and some work as fundraisers for the programs that PV runs.

With the holidays approaching, won't it be great to know that you can become a world class finisher  if we can just give Joe about 90 minutes to get us through his program!

Steve Butler says hello.  As you may have heard, he's started the Blackstone Craft School in Massachusetts (http://www.theblackstonevalleyschoolofcrafts.blogspot.com/).  He also sent me a short commercial for a new public access program that he's doing called "The Garage".  I'm playing with Blogger features, so I hope this will appear in the post!

As a recap of the September meeting, we had a lengthy show and tell and discussion of club business. Of note, Dan Moore will be moving to Virginia in a couple of weeks, and as such, resigned as President. Richard Wortman will be filling the vacancy until the next election. Thanks to Dan for his efforts and Richard for stepping in!

Lastly, there seemed to be a good deal of interest in making a cowboy hat as a topic for future meetings.  Now that the summer workshops have ended, it may be possible to move the November meeting to a Saturday (I have to check).  Would anyone be interested in an all day WGW meeting one Saturday for a "super demo" meeting?  The idea would be to have two or three topics going on at any given point and a floating audience.  If the idea of making hats or a holow vessel or a bowl is intimidating, we could have lots going on!

 Until next time, happy trails, partner!